EXSOFT Language Lab system EX400


Oral Practice

Practice oral training by audio and video files or courseware. To avoid students from control, teacher can manage uniformly; support for synchronizing waveform display with subtitles; Customizable training mode.


Dictation training with variable speed and unchangeable tone: Automatic divided sentence from the Video and Audio. As for beginners, it can be broadcast with speed of 0.5-1.0, while for skilled students it can be broadcast with 1.0-2.0 speed so as to strengthen training. Because broadcast times and spell time can be self-defined, students can watch video,waveform as well as listen to a dialogue, and then write down. Every sentence can repeat many times, spelling time can be set too. Spelling results can be compared with the standard answer, the difference will be marked with red.

Scenario Training

The teacher can broadcast video files and screen to all the students.Students will be divided into groups randomly or with 2-8 people to do scene training. The teacher can do one-click to open / close the voice of video or do one-click to show / closed caption,to achieve movie bobbing practice and thematic discussion. Additionally,the system can adjust the speed of the video for the different levels of students training.

Courseware on Demand


•support Multi-choice Question, True or False Question,Fill-in-blank Question, Free-answer Queation, Choose wrong Question, Translation Question, Matching Question, Text - Picture link Question, Choose picture Question. ·
•support adding picture, video, audio, file or other appendix.

Switch Language

Professional Edition supports Chinese / English / Russian / Japanese / Korean / Spanish / Vietnamese / Thai / German/ French / Italian over 10 language interfaces, and you can switch any language interfaces without close the software.

Change skin

Change UI Layout

Main Features

Screen Broadcast Screen Demonstration Remote Control Remote Login
Sound Broadcast Student Speak Intercom File Distribution
File Collection File Submission Live Camera Visual Presenter
Repeater Projector Courseware on Demand Scenario Training
Oral Practice Dictation Simultaneous Interpretation Net Movie
Group teaching Group disscussion Oral Exam GEPT
Quiz Evaluation Vote Internet Policy
Application Policy USB Disk Policy CD-ROM policy Class model
Begin/Finish Call out & Sign in Silence on/off Student Full screen
Anti-Uninstalling Process control Screen lock Remote on/off
Call Change skin Switch Language ……